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Kontomble is a powerful being, quite determined to help us evolve

They’ve been described as nature spirits before because they come through trees, caves, mountains, even water. They’ve been called little people, duendes, leprechauns, Menehune, gnomes, and so on.  In fact, they probably have a different name from all the different locations they’ve emerged. 

The natives had names for the kontomble.  Probably all traditional cultures have a name for the kontomble.  Kontomble is a name that comes from West Africa.  I was originally introduced to it through Malidoma Some.  He’s popularized this phenomenon of the kontomble in the West through his writings (Of Water and the Spirit, Healing Wisdom of Africa).  People still use Ancient medicine for treating modern illnesses.

After visiting Burkina Faso, Africa a number of times, Candomble clearly is alive and well and everybody knows about them. Through my ongoing work with shamans in Burkina Faso, I developed my connection with kontomble.  I was originally identified as a kontomble stick diviner but this has evolved into voice divination.  This essentially means that I’m knocking at the gates of the kontomble realm and asking them to meet me at that threshold and to merge with my energy so that I can become a medium for that wisdom to enter into this realm.  Mainly for the assistance of the person that I’m working with. 

It’s an exciting process that is very rewarding.  When they enter me they speak in their native tongue, which would be quite difficult for the recipient to understand.  It’s a primal language.  It’s very high-pitched and loaded with various intonations.  That gets translated through me for the person that I’m working with. It can be a very enjoyable process.  The kontomble have super bold personalities and they’re a lot of fun to work with.  They often times make jokes.  They like to see us laugh and to be in lightness.  They also are very loving and sweet.  Mostly they want the best for us but they’re not willing to thwart the truth to get there.  They are very honest and invite the same in us. 

When they communicate, they sometimes communicate about our Ancestors, about our life’s path, about our families, about healing that’s needed, about journeys that need to be taken.  It really is so particular to the person that I’m working with and the questions that that person is coming to us with.

I feel very grateful to have the honor to work with these integral beings.  They have changed my life for the better, for sure.  They have made me a more honest person.  They have taught me a lot about the environment and social justice.  They’re very much about people being treated fairly and with respect.  They are special teachers indeed.