About Ancestor Bridge

Ancestor Bridge is a place where seeds are planted for the future.  They’re watered with love and attention and put into action through community workshops and rituals. 

You’ll find information about private sessions here as well as community workshops and rituals that are focused around Spirit.  There are also monthly Ancestor Bridge newsletters that are sharings from myself or from community.  That’s where the latest workshops and rituals are shared as well.  You’ll find at the bottom of this page there’s a box where you can enter your email address.  That’s how you subscribe to the newsletter and in a way how we build community.

I hold the intention that our Ancestors may find their way back into the heart of community.   I hold the intention that those of us that walk in the world with our eyes or ears or hearts open to Spirit, that we may feel comforted by this.  I hold the intention that we, as a community, may embrace the medicine that enters the world through the hearts of children.  I also hold the intention that our Elders may find their dignified place in community again, that we may honor and value their wisdom…